The MSSV-175’ offers a full array of products from state of the art navigations systems, sonar’s and scientific labs and advanced workstations all connected via CAT-5 cable. She is fully equipped with 2 long range aluminum fast daughter craft with 2 dedicated quick launch and recovery davits to support forward deployed interdiction and exclusive zone enforcement missions or response, and 1 SOLAS approved 16’ Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) with dedicated davit. She has 1088 sqf of usable and clear deck space on the stern to support daily operations and is available for inspection. Her breadth, depth and draft make her comparable to many larger vessels offering excellent stability in deepwater operations.
Length 175 FT. LOA
Breadth 38.2FT
Depth 17.7FT
Draft (Summer Land) 13.9FT
Gross Tonnage 833 measurement tons
Net Tonnage 250 measurement tons
Displacement Tonnage (summer land) 1100 long tons
Usable Deck space 32’X34’
Fuel Oil 63,000 US gal. DFO/MGO
Hydraulic Oil 300 US gal
Portable water 6,000 US gal
Lube Oil 2,000 gal
Sewage Tank capacity Treatment
Water makers One 4000 gal/day
One 1800 gal/day
Berthing 42 total in 3-1 man and 19-2 man staterooms
Survey load capacity 95 long tons
Endurance Approx 40 days or 7000mi at 10kts
Radars One Furuno  72mi
One Furuno  48mi
GPS receivers One TRIMBLE GPS
Depth Sounders One RATHEON recording
One SIMRAD video
Chart Plotter One PC based system
Gyro Compass One SPERRY mk37
Autopilot SPERRY
Main Engines Two General Motors, Electromotive Diesel model LR-8-657-CR, eight cylinder, naturally aspirated, air starting, fresh water cooled by heat exchanger, 820 @ 800 rpm shaft horsepower
Gears Lufkin, model VQ-1818, 2.6:1 ratio reduction/reverse gears driving two 6.0 in. dia. Steel tail shafts
Propellers Bird Johnson/KaMeWa controllable pitch propellers
AC service Generators Two General Electric, 45 volt AC, 250KW model, three phase generating unit each powered by one Detroit Diesel, model 4V-7 in, four cylinder hydro starting, fresh water cooled through radiator diesel engine
Emergency AC service Generator One Generator Electric, model 5504404P23Y16,450 volt AC, 60KW, three phase generating unit powered by one Detroit Diesel, model 4V-7 in, four cylinder hydro starting, fresh water cooled through radiator diesel engine
Tanks Eighteen integral steel tanks with vents and shut-off valves at tanks
Piping Steel supply and return lines though strainer, water trap, and filters to engine with flex lines, and shut off valves at engines
Centrifuge One Alfa Laval electric powered centrifuge
Transfer pumps One 2” and one 11/2 electrically driven
Watermakers One reverse osmosis unit rated at 4000gpd
One reverse osmosis unit rated at 1800gpd
Seawater Pumps Bilge, Ballast and fire pumps fitted
Marine Sanitary Device One fitted
Air compressor Two fitted for m/e starting and general service
Deck cranes One Baldwin, 5-ton capacity, rub mounted extension boom crane heated on foredeck; one Seattle, 12-ton capacity, pedestal mounted extension boom crane mounted to port of centerline on after deck w/40’ max radius
“A” Frame One fabricated, all welded steel, located on aft deck at transom w/20lt SWL
Personal flotation Devices Frotty USCG approved type 1 life preservers
Survival radiotelephones Three ACR, model 2726A, hand held VHF, global marine distress signal system units
Life rafts 2 USCG approved, SOLAS “A” pack, 25-person inflatable life raft in auto release mount;
2 USCG approved, SOLAS “A” pack, 15-person inflatable life raft in auto release mount
Life ring buoys 8 USCG approved 30” dia. Ring buoys, 4 with retrieving lines and floats lights four without
Rescue boat One SOLAS approved Norvarania, 16’ length rescue boat with 50hp. Evinrude outboard motor
First Aid equipment Ocean going first aid chest in vessel’s hospital
EPIRB One Alden, category “A” 121.5/406 Mhz in auto release mount
Search & Rescue transponders 2 GMDSS type approved
Firefighting system Fixed pressure water and portable extinguishers throughout vessel. Fixed C02 deluge system in engine spaces
Fire detection system Kidde fixed smoke detection system
Bathymetric multibeam sonar (low frequency) One Reson Seabat model 8150 dual frequency 12/24khz multi-beam swath type ochosounder with full ocean depth capacity
Bottom profiling sonar One 3.5khz single-beam ochosounder can be fitted upon clients request
Available features  
Spaces for data processing, plotting etc One 14x16’ climate controlled internal space behind navigation bridge. One 10x12’ climate controlled internal space on superstructure deck. One 8’x12’ climate controlled internal space on superstructure deck
Wet lab One 13’x15’ space on main deck
Conference room One 10’x14’ space on main deck
General office space One 10’x12’ space on main deck
Scientific stores  Numerous spaces can be made available
Power Frequency controlled UPS power can be made available at all spaces
Data transmittal Data transfer at 64k baud available through InMarsat B available on clients
Fifi Remote controlled FiFI-1 water monitors, model IM/FFS-1200LB including el. Gear motors, limit switches, manual override, control/replay unit, joy-stick, spray deflector, and water nozzle.
Water Capacity: 5284 gpm, inlet pressure to monitor:160 psi, Range of Water Jet: 400ft. Connection: DN200/PN16 with counter flange. Rotation:+&-180 degrees. Elevation:+80-20 degrees. Voltage:440 vac/3ph/60hz. Water pump capacity:1200 cum/hr/5284gpm. Water Pump press: 175 psi. Weight: 408 Ibs.
Forward Looking Infrared  (FLIR)  
Bullet proof resistant Glass  
VHF Radio  

Call sign: IMO No. 89.00763


Length overall:                                 34,40 m
Length between. P.p:                      31,50 m
Breadth molded:                              7,20m
Depth molded:                                  3,80m
Draft max:                                          2,20m
Gross tonnage:                                 185t
Net tonnage:                                     55NT

Speed max:                                       18kn
Max range:                                        600 Nav.m. (16kn.)
Fuel oil:                                              20,0 t.
Fresh water:                                      3,5 t.
Foam:                                                 10,0t
Dispersant:                                        3,0t

Class: LRS (+100A1 + LMC

Fire fighting boat.

Trading area:

Main engine:
2x MWM Deutz TBD 604BV 16
2x 1619 kW. (Total 4342 HP)
Reintjes Reverse/ reduction Gear
2 fixed propellers

Auxiliary machinery:
2 of MAN 2866 TE Generators each 187, 5 kW
Bow thruster
Firefighting water monitors: 6 of m3/h
Firefighting pumps: 2of 500 m3/h
Oil dispersant spray system
Diving equipment
1,5 t. deck crane
2 Zodiacs (10 pers.)
4 Inflammable 25 pers. Life rafts
50 Life Buoys
100 life jackets

Accommodation for 10 crew + hospital for 3 persons.

Seaway Agbamu, formerly SEAWAY ROVER, was originally built in 1966 as a seaworthy North Atlantic stern trawler for use in the North Sea and converted in 1986 to North Sea air diving, pollution response and Fi-Fi operations. In 1991 the ship was further converted to carry out safety and offshore stand-by duties for North Sea platforms and oilrigs. In 1993, the ship was outfitted with a Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) and entered the North Sea market as inspection/survey/ROV ship. In July 1998 at Grangemouth and September 1998 at Bollinger Shipyard (Texas City) the ship received complete new bridge, Officer and Recreation room renovation. Furthermore, a complete new air-conditions system for tropical environment were installed. In November 1998, the Seaway Rover joined the Stolt Offshore fleet as an ROV support ship with her primary role being to carry out ROV intervention and survey work in deepwater. The ship, which is fitted with class 1 DP, is ideally suited and placed for supporting deepwater projects in the US Gulf of Mexico and international waters. During April 1999 the ship was out-fitted with a Sonardyne 7784 acoustic system, Nautronix DPS (ASK 4001), and deck strengthening for a work class ROV. The Seaway is capable of having a permanent deepwater ROV system and extensive survey and laboratory spaces make this the ideal ship for intervention and survey work.

In October 2007, the ship was acquired by Peacegate Oil & Gas. The ship has gone through extensive repairs to bring her back in class and reintroduce her to the offshore market.


Originally built:                                             1966

Conversion:                                                 1986, 1991, 1998

Length overall                                              71.32m (234ft)
Breadth molded                                           12.04m (39.5ft)
Max draught                                                5.43m (17.8ft)
Depth molded                                              7.92m (26.0ft)
Operational draught                                      4.57m (15ft)
Gross tonnage                                              1433ton
Flag                                                             Nigeria
Port of registry                                             Lagos
Call sign                                                      5NLQ2
MMSI                                                        65727200
Official number                                            SR783
Classification                                               I.R.S, ISE, Offshore service
                                                                   Unit; DP; TS (OG)

DP Class 1, Nautronix ASK 4001 “SIMPLEX”
DP System
Battery backup makes it totally independent of main power
Sonardyne USBL system
1 off DGPS
2 off Gyro
1 off VRU
2 off wind sensors

Nautronix computer accepting individual reference inputs
4Kw UPS back up system

Total working Deck space                            400m2
Loading capacity on deck                             2.5t/m2
Fuel Oil                                                        213.3 m3
Fresh water                                                 104 m3
Fresh water maker                                       7m3/day

AFT deck
1 Hydraulic (Port side) el-hyd. 10 t @ 10m
1 Rescue Boat Davit 1t

AFT Deck
2 Capstans port and starboard side at stern
Fore deck
1 Windlass with Capstans

AC Generator; 2 Stamford MSC 434 AC
Generators each 10 KW-440V-60Hz powered by Detroit 928 VF Diesel engines
DC Generator: 2 Laurence Scott DC generators each 300Kw-220V each powered by 2 Paxman
8RPHXZ Mk-5 diesel engine
Emergency generator Ruston Hornsby developing 53Kw (220V DC)

1 Single crew CPP driven by Ruston 9ATCM developing 2160 BHP at 520 rpm

1 retractable Aqua master VL 631 azimuth direct
Powered by 1 Detroit diesel engine developing 548 Kw
Capable of power the vessel with a speed of 4 knots

1 Brunvoll 655BD electric DC driven tunnel thruster, powered from either of the DC generators developing 254KW

Cruising Speed                                            11 knots
Max Speed                                                  13 knots


Survey speed                                               2-3m3
Stand by                                                      0.75-1.2m3
DP mode                                                     3-4m3/day
Cruising speed 5m3/day                               5m3/day

Total capacity 35 men, includes sick bay with one bed
24 cabins including sick bay
Available for charters 23 beds

Offices                                                        Two (2)
Scientist/survey                                           one (1)
Chemistry Lab                                             one (1) can be converted
Rooms fully air conditioned

1 Rescue MOB Boat
4 Life Rafts totaling 80 persons

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